A team is configured with one or more roles as applicable. For example, a Study Team can be created with roles such as Lead Author, Internal Authors, External Authors, Reviewers, Approvers etc, with each role configured with appropriate permissions to the document objects. At the time the role or team is associated with an object in the system, a permitted user can associate users to the role(s). When users are assigned to the role, the users within the role are granted the configured permissions.

A permitted user can add users to each of the roles within the team. The configurability supports the ability to control access (e.g. for external partners).

The platform provides configurability of user roles and creation of teams comprising of one or more roles. A Role is configured with specific object level permissions, such as document level or component level access. Access permissions are configurable using:

  • Functional permissions, for access to specific functions within the platform
  • Object level permissions, with attribute level rules that can be set for each object. For example, permissions can be granted based on an attribute such as Lifecycle (Ex. If Lifecycle = Draft, then grant Edit permissions)​