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InteliNotion provides the platform, tools, and guidance to configure your information architecture and content models. We provide a rapid deployment methodology that begins with a proof-of-concept exercise, moves to a pilot, and expands to your broader functional and organizational needs, based on your own road map and priorities. InteliNotion does this in a way that adjusts and adopts to your existing information models, policies, and processes. We configure document structures, domain-specific templates, metadata models, workflows, instructional and standard text libraries, controlled terminologies, and rules to manage your component content and documents in our state-of-the-art platform. Sample templates, guidelines, and user guides are provided to assist you in configuring our platform to meet your needs, or you can use your existing templates as the basis for the configurations.

Our goal is to streamline and simplify Structured Component Content Management (SCCM) and Enterprise Information Management (EIM). Our services will guide you through the process. The goal is to achieve a working pilot environment within months, not years. We help you understand the governance processes and disciplines you will need to have in place and assist in managing the change incrementally based on your business pace.

To assist you with your initiatives, InteliNotion provides the following specific services:


  • Assist you in establishing a business case
  • Conduct a proof-of-concept exercise
  • Identify potential high-value areas for a pilot
  • Assist with planning for a pilot

Train and enable your teams – Information Architects, Authors, Reviewers/Approvers, Documentation Specialists – to support moving from proof-of-concept to pilot:

  • Conduct and evaluate the proof-of-concept exercise
  • Assist in implementation and evaluation of pilot
  • Guide you through the change management planning for your organization


The goal of implementation support and enablement is to leave your organization with the tools and knowledge base to create and maintain your information architecture, content models, rules, and governance structures to sustain operations and to deploy to any future functional areas to be considered.

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