• The Reuse Deviation Report provides a summary of the planned and actual reuse policies applied to all components used in a document.

If any reused components are modified at source, when the document is opened, a notification is displayed to the author to inform them that reused components used in the document have been modified. The user can view the document Component Status to see the components that have been modified and compare the changes between the version in the document and the changed component (Word tracked changes). The user can take action to accept the changed component, reject the changes, or merge the changes as needed.

InteliNotion tracks and traces all components that are reused within and between documents, as well as the type of reuse – Verbatim/As-is or Derivative/Repurposed. InteliNotion provides various capabilities to view the reuse information for business objects (e.g., documents, components).

  • The Where Used and Relationship Map functionality, along with the Reuse Report, provides relevant reuse information for a specific component.