InteliNotion is powered by the Microsoft Cloud

InteliNotion  offers an extensible cloud-based Enterprise Information Management platform built on a structured content and component content management foundation. The platform is designed around delivering MS Word-centric reuse and repurposing of content across compendiums of documents. A business configurable cloud-ready suite of services can be deployed to manage and control the generation, versioning, and release of content components across the entire end-to-end regulatory compliance continuum as defined for regulated products and/or services. 

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InteliNotion's   technology stack supports extensible business user-configurable capabilities using modern rules and business process management engines to govern and effortlessly distribute roles-based activities across the entire end-to-end regulatory compliance continuum. It is a modern stack that seamlessly aggregates frameworks and services, as well as shares business objects and governance policies, to efficiently and effectively track where content is being used, what state it is in, who is concurrently work on it, and which versions exist.  

InteliNotion is a state-of-the-art, Cloud native, highly secure and scalable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that is built on the leading trusted Enterprise Cloud platform. The solution has been architected using the most advanced Web technologies today and takes full advantage of the power of the modern hyperscale Global Cloud. This results in a software platform available in over 60 global regions, delivering immense flexibility and scalability via an industry leading secure Cloud environment. InteliNotion offers unequaled deployment versatility using a novel 'Cloud on your terms' approach that guarantees the highest levels of data security and sovereignty: the platform supports a dedicated environment for each workload, which can be installed in the customer's own Cloud tenant via our highly automated Infrastructure as Code deployment model, or via a hosted SaaS model.