InteliNotion is far more than just a product built for Component Content Management and Content Governance. InteliNotion also introduces an entirely new category of a modern and extensible Cloud native Enterprise Platform to facilitate Innovation and Digital Transformation in Enterprise Content Management. Our unique differentiation comes from the fundamental insight that business problems resulting from legacy approaches to Information Management and Governance for Content-oriented business applications cannot be solved with traditional Document Management solutions alone. InteliNotion has been deployed (or is in the process of being deployed) at several of the world's leading Biopharmaceutical companies (Disclaimer: the list of leading Global Biopharma companies shown below is for illustrative purposes only – we do not disclose the names of individual customers) for Structured Content Authoring, Component Content Management and Content Governance. We have also partnered with our key customers to deliver a number of innovative solutions utilizing the unique capabilities of the InteliNotion platform for additional, mission critical Content-oriented business applications.

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Leading Global Biopharma companies in 2022 by sales (source: Money Inc)