InteliNotion is a revolutionary Intelligent Content Management and Information Governance system that delivers a patented novel platform for Innovation in regulated industries. Architected by a team of experts in the fields of Content Management, Regulatory Compliance and Cloud Computing, the InteliNotion  platform is based on a fundamentally reimagined vision of modern Intelligent Content Management and Enterprise Information Governance systems.

Delivered as a state-of-the-art, Cloud native, highly secure and scalable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, built using the most advanced Web technologies, on the leading trusted Enterprise Cloud platform, InteliNotion introduces a new generation of groundbreaking solutions for Structured Content Authoring, Component Content Management, and Information Governance for highly regulated industries.

InteliNotion enables our customers to manage and optimize their end-to-end Information Lifecycle Management and Governance procedures for trusted information, to streamline and automate the processes to bring, and keep, regulated products on the market in a compliant manner, while increasing capacity and efficiency for the organization. 


Our mission is to streamline and simplify the complex processes involved in creating, reviewing, approving and tracking individual components and documents, document collections and publications in highly regulated industries, using our modern and innovative platform, while delivering a friction-free and friendly user experience. All of the key functionality required by Content Authors is built natively into Microsoft Word, while the Web Console delivers a set of state-of-the art Information Modeling tools for Content and Information Architects. Our delivery model also includes the tools, best practices and templates to adjust and adopt to client information models, policies and procedures.

We enable our clients to reduce the time from business pilot to full production implementation from years to just a few months and guide them to understand and implement the appropriate governance models to manage content structures at a component level, and to leverage standards to maximize on the quality of the documents created.

Guided by our mantra, 'The Content is the Network', the experts at InteliNotion set out to reimagine regulatory content management and information governance for businesses in highly regulated industries, by delivering a new set of capabilities which are seamlessly integrated into their everyday productivity environment – Microsoft Office. Our revolutionary Intelligent Content Management and Information Governance platform enables our customers to streamline and accelerate their regulatory content creation, management and approval processes, while significantly reducing the costs and the time for getting products and services to market.

InteliNotion platform delivers a sophisticated end-to-end lifecycle management solution for content-oriented business processes with an end user experience that is completely integrated into Microsoft Word. The highly flexible and extensible business platform has been architected from the ground up using a modular design approach, on a unique and innovative Component Content Management core foundation, and is delivered on an Enterprise grade secure hyperscale Cloud native back end. InteliNotion intelligently governs the chain of custody for reusable regulated content across all phases of the product and services lifecycle, enabling our customers to manage a single version of the corporate truth for trusted information.

InteliNotion  is powered by the Microsoft Cloud

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