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​In regulated industries, information is the source of innovation, and many content and information sources feed the research and product development pipeline. The ability to create, share, reuse, navigate, find, and protect essential information is critical to getting products approved by regulators, and launched. 

Much of the information created, shared, and reviewed/approved is captured in unstructured documents developed throughout the product development lifecycle. Many of these documents are comprised of sub-components which are themselves content generated by experts, scientists, and systems, increasing both the complexity and volume of information about a product. In the pharmaceutical industry, for example, development of a new drug typically requires 10+ years to get to market. During this period, thousands of documents are created to describe the drug’s safety, efficacy, and manufacturing characteristics. The quality and consistency of information represented and shared within these documents throughout the product development period is critical to getting the product approved and to market.

Structuring the information within documents to meaningful components, and reusing information within and across documents with full traceability, is essential to making key decisions during the authoring, review, and approval processes for quality, consistency, and improved efficiencies. Maintaining traceability of reused components will facilitate easier assessment of impacts to change. Structured Component Content Management (SCCM) solutions will improve quality, consistency, and deliver significant value and efficiencies in creating, reviewing, and approving the thousands of related documents created through the product development lifecycle. Structuring the content also promotes easier methods for downstream uses of the information currently embedded in documents by allowing the appropriate components of content to be published/output into required formats for downstream systems or applications.

InteliNotion is a revolutionary, Cloud native, highly secure and scalable platform built using the most advanced Web technologies that introduces a new generation of groundbreaking solutions for Intelligent Content Management and Information Governance for highly regulated industries. The InteliNotion platform, together with the industry-specific pre-configured models, templates and rules, provides a rapid configure/deployment approach to support key business documentation needs. 

The InteliNotion platform offers:

  • Tools for the Information Architect to configure and classify the structure of components and documents, and define reuse rules, governance processes, and lifecycle policies for the components.
  • The ability to create and manage libraries for standard text.
  • An authoring platform utilizing the familiarity of Microsoft Word.
  • Industry-specific templates for components, documents, rules, and governance that can be quickly tailored for client-specific needs (e.g., clinical document compendium, labeling, manufacturing).
  • Review and approval workflows for component and documents.
  • Publishing features to tag content for redaction when creating an output, as well as publishing to PDF, Word, XML, and other formats.
  • Full traceability of components, within and across documents.

InteliNotion  is powered by the Microsoft Cloud