• Check-in Event: With this configuration, whenever a document is checked-in to InteliNotion, the document will be auto-saved to one or more repositories.
  • Lifecycle State Change Event: With this configuration, document transfer to 1 or more repositories will take place every time the document enters one or more specified lifecycle states. 

An authorized user (with READ or higher permission) can export any document or template. InteliNotion provides the capabilities to generate documents outputs in multiple formats: .docx, .doc, PDF, JSON, XML. The output can be downloaded and used for downstream needs or saved to the GxP repository using our repository Connectors.

Document content can be tagged, and an output generated with user selected redaction of tagged content. Applying component and content tags allows a user to redact specific information in a document, as per policies such as in European Medicines Agency (EMA) Policy 70, at the time of generating the published output:

  • Templates can be preconfigured to already have selected components and/or content tagged
  • Authors can apply tags to components or select content within the document

When publishing the document, the user can select tags to be applied, generate the redacted document and save it as a redacted rendition of the source document.

Documents authored in InteliNotion can be configured to save to external document management repositories used to electronically approve the documents and as systems of record. We provide Connectors to Veeva RIM, Veeva eTMF, OpenText Documentum and Generis CARA. The following user actions are supported:

  • User initiated: If enabled, any user with edit privilege can request a document be saved to a configured repository on demand when the configured criteria is met, e.g., the document to be in one or more lifecycle states or a major version for it to be saved to repository.
  • Automated save: If configured for auto-save, documents can be transferred to one or more repositories automatically when the specified event occurs (i.e., check-in or a lifecycle state change):