Distinguished Submission – TransCelerate Digital Data Flow Hackathon

InteliNotion teams up with Microsoft and Insight for Distinguished Submission

The TransCelerate Digital Data Flow (DDF) initiative is an attempt to enable the flow of digital study protocol data in order to improve study design and accelerate start-up through automation of processes and setup of study execution systems.

Currently, Study Start-Up (SSU) is comprised of a myriad of multifaceted, multifunctional, multisystem assets created and managed in a manual, labor-intensive, and time-consuming manner.  Working in a document-based environment results in significant manual duplication of effort and the need for extensive reconciliation across SSU assets.

The envisaged solution would address the speed and quality issues by doing the following:

  • Accelerate study start-up readiness
  • Eliminating need for reconciling protocol information with the configuration of “downstream” systems
  • Automate propagation of changes across SSU assets resulting from protocol amendments
  • Optimize study design by providing real-time, connected design assistance to protocol authors

​Please see here for additional information on the DDF initiative.

The TransCelerate DDF workstream conducted a virtual Hackathon to evaluate feasibility for the Study Design component of the DDF Vision. The DDF Hackathon attracted 175 participants to provide innovative solutions to meet user needs described in 15 user stories with the goal to help transform our workflow from document-based to a content driven-data, design, workflow, and management environment.

InteliNotion teamed up with Microsoft and Insight for the DDF Hackathon. Our joint team built a fully functional prototype by extending the core capabilities of the InteliNotion platform to meet the Solution Framework and Conceptual Design requirements set forth by the TransCelerate DDF workstream. As a result of our innovative approach, our team was honored by the selection committee as a Distinguished Submission. InteliNotion would like to thank TransCelerate for the DDF initiative and for the opportunity to participate, and to also thank the selection committee for the honor. 

​Please see here for the Webinar recording and downloadable materials (e.g. presentation, study design workflow diagram, user stories)​.

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