One of the main challenges faced by customers using Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems today is the inability to dynamically connect data from backend systems to content. As the data in the backend systems change, document-level changes have to be made manually, and the content has to be re-published. For example, if changes are made in the backend programming system to tables in a clinical study report, those changes have to be made manually in the document. This introduces huge inefficiencies into the content production process, and also reduces content quality, as errors can be introduced during the manual rework process. According to several studies made in the past, it can cost up to $100 per year to maintain a single page of content in ECM systems used for applications that are subject to rigorous compliance standards. 

InteliNotion has been designed from the ground up to address this issue by dynamically connecting structured content sourced from internal and external systems to Enterprise Content. InteliNotion manages all this seamlessly, and dynamically connects data to components and documents, components to documents, and documents to document collections. 

InteliNotion has also partnered with TransCelerate Biopharma on their Digital Data Flow (DDF) Initiative. The DDF initiative aims to modernize clinical trials by enabling the digital flow of information from one platform (e.g., Protocol Authoring Tool) to another (e.g., EDC). This automated flow will eliminate the need for manual re-entry of information from upstream systems and improve the efficiency of study start-up, conduct, close-out, and reporting.   

The benefits of the DDF initiative are as follows:

  • Improve the speed of study start-up
  • Facilitate consistency of data
  • Minimize bottlenecks between processes and systems
  • Minimize manual work, data re-entry, and data inconsistencies 
  • Improve clinical trial efficiencies by achieving seamless information flow across multiple systems
  • Spark innovation that will generate new technologies and features, most notably interoperability and automation 

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