Lifecycle is maintained at both the component as well as the composite document levels. The workflow originator can select one or more components and initiate the review/ approval workflow. When the workflow is initiated, the user(s) or role(s) can be selected, instructions can be included, and notifications and/or reminders can be set. The recipients will receive the Workflow Task in both their email as well as the Web Console, with a link to the selected component(s) attached. Recipients can review individual components and complete the workflow task appropriately.

The platform provides configurable lifecycles for documents and components and supports the routing of components or documents for review and approval. Review and approval tasks are routed to assigned users, or roles.​

One or more related documents can be routed for workflow. The workflow initiator can select the document(s) to be reviewed or approved and route them to the user(s) or role(s) to perform the review. Reviews can be serial or parallel based on the selections made by the initiator.

The task assignee can easily complete a task to finish a review or approval cycle and send a notification, if required.

Permitted users can create objects in the system (such as Component or Document) and configure the lifecycle for each object. The lifecycle configurations will control the lifecycle state transition as the object (component or document) is routed through the review/approval workflows as appropriate. Users can also configure the colors to be displayed with the objects in the user views based on the lifecycle state.