The InteliNotion  platform tracks and manages the content components, structure and relationships/policies of the components within and across documents. Policies include reuse policy, type of reuse, and rules to bind and pre-populate standard, optional or mandatory content from libraries, metadata or variables. 

The solution approach delivers the capability to pre-populate the document with content/ information from either reused components from upstream documents, inserted from a library of components or variables when the document is generated.

The document generation process will populate the related content and the system will automatically:

  • Reuse content from one or more existing documents, based on reuse policies configured in the information models; reuse policies determine if content is reused “as-is” (no editing allowed) or repurposed (editing allowed in the new “branch” of the source component)​
    • For example, a clinical study report body can be generated from reused content from both the protocol and statistical analysis plan, while a company core data sheet can be used to generate country-specific package inserts.

  • Auto-populate content from content libraries based on configured rules; rules are prespecified within the information model and are executed based on user-selected metadata at the time of document generation

  • For example, if the user selects oncology for the therapeutic area, the protocol will be auto-populated with the Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events

  • Prepopulate variables (i.e., metadata values) based on template configurations

  • Maintain traceability of all reused or prepopulated components