Once the profile is configured, documents generated from the legacy template can be ingested into the InteliNotion platform by initiating the Ingestion process:

Once the components are created in InteliNotion, the user can view the components and add any additional components from the InteliNotion database or libraries, as needed. If the user has selected to recreate the structured document in InteliNotion, the added components are inserted into the document.

Unstructured document Ingestion Profiles are configured in a similar way as those for structured documents. The elements of the legacy template can be mapped to the InteliNotion model elements at any paragraph header level for parsing and componentizing the source document content. Once an Ingestion Profile has been created, source documents generated using the legacy template can be ingested into the InteliNotion platform.

User-selected content from a non-InteliNotion document can be ingested by the system to create an InteliNotion library component. Authorized users select the managed library into which the content will be ingested as a component; the component will then inherit all the selected managed library properties. The component is available for standard document authoring and reuse needs. 


InteliNotion supports ingesting both structured and unstructured documents. Existing structured documents that contain content controls (.docx) can be ingested into the system and componentized for reuse. This also applies to unstructured documents that do not contain content controls where headers at any level can be parsed and selected content can be componentized. When a document is ingested, the user can elect to recreate a structured document with components or just create components and add them to a selected managed library for reuse. ​​


To ingest a structured document, an ingestion profile is configured using the legacy document template structure. The profile configuration will allow the user to select the structured tags from the template and map them to rules for componentizing. The profile will also map the template elements to the InteliNotion information model element, and any tags that should be attached to the component when ingested.