Within InteliNotion, libraries are used to either:

  • Manage and govern existing library components that can either be selected for reuse during authoring or automatically inserted and reused during document generation – referred to as a Managed Library
  • Present a filtered view or list of any objects in the system using a user-configured query – referred to as a Non-managed Library

Managed Library – applicable for Component type Business Objects only and intended to be used for standardized, suggested, or controlled content. The platform provides the following:

  • Creating a library (i.e., dedicated container or area within the system) and specifying other library owners to govern the content
  • Creating components within the library and approving them through a lifecycle workflow to make available for document authoring
  • Bulk importing components from external sources into the library or exporting out from the library

Components within the library can be governed through lifecycles and workflows to draft, review, and approve the components. Permissions can be configured by role for library access. For example, a Library Steward can create or edit components and configure library policies, whereas an Author can only reuse the content but can edit it within the context of their document as needed or permitted.​