Users can create a library and configure the object type of components that can be created within the library and required metadata for the library component classifications. For example, users may create libraries for standard or optional text to be included in their documents, or libraries for the Tables, Lists and Figures (TLFs) related to a specific study that can inserted into the document during the creation or authoring process.

Library stewards or content owners can govern the components within the library through lifecycle state and review/ approval workflows. Libraries can also be configured as:

  • “As-is” to ensure that authors inserting the component from the library into their documents during the authoring process cannot edit the component content
  •  When the library is not configured as “As-is”, the author can insert the component into their document and edit the component

When inserting the component into the document, a relationship is maintained between the parent library component and the reuse within the document. If standard text within the library component is modified, change impacts can be assessed through “Where Used” report and notification to document owners where the component is used.​

The platform provides capabilities to configure and create content libraries for specific needs and components within the libraries that can be created, governed, and made available to authors for use in the authoring process. Multiple libraries can be configured according to the business needs (e.g. standard/required text, example text, therapeutic area specific text). The library components are available for authors to find and insert into their documents during the authoring process.​

Components within the library can be governed through lifecycles and workflows to draft, review and approve the components. Permissions can be configured by role for library access – for example: Library Steward role can be created and configured with permissions to create or edit component content within the library, whereas Authors can only use the content but can edit it within the context of their document as needed.