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 ​​​​InteliNotion is a revolutionary Structured Content Authoring, Component Content Management and Content Governance solution for regulated industries. Architected by a team of experts in the fields of Enterprise Content & Information Management, Regulatory Compliance and Cloud Computing, and inspired by our unique vision for Intelligent Content Networks, InteliNotion delivers a next-generation patented platform that fundamentally reimagines modern Enterprise Content Management and Governance. 

Structured Content Authoring and Component Content Management for Clinical and Regulatory Documentation: authors at large biopharma firms generate tens of thousands of documents each year to meet health and regulatory authority requirements. Contact Creators, Reviewers and Approvers span the entire organization, from pre-clinical, clinical, safety & pharmacovigilance, technical, quality, regulatory, labeling, marketing and beyond. Most organizations have no solution in place to reuse content such as paragraphs, tables, graphs, images, and other content in a structured manner across documents and document collections. This lack of reuse and standardization results in duplications, inconsistencies, and inability to track related content across the enterprise when there are product changes that need to be incorporated into a variety of document types. The InteliNotion solution has been built to addresses this problem directly. Content Authors use an authoring environment built directly into Microsoft Word, the de facto standard for Content Authoring in the Enterprise. Content Stewards and Information Architects can configure the back end, including Information and Metadata Models, Workflows, Libraries, Permissions and Rules, using an intuitive Web interface. InteliNotion can track and trace a virtually unlimited number of components and component derivatives and supports the most complex reuse rules (reuse-as-is, reuse-repurpose, etc.) across the Enterprise continuum. The platform supports tracking content reuse with the help of comprehensive 'Where Used' Reports and also introduces the ability to visualize relationships between Components via our unique Content Network views. InteliNotion introduces a new generation of 'Quality by Design' solution for Regulatory Content. 

Variant Management and Conditional Publishing: Documents and Document Collections such as Dossiers need to be reused and repurposed. At this time, most large organizations track these variants (such as Label Variants for different Regions) in multiple, large and complex spreadsheets. Every time a new Variant is created, a corresponding new spreadsheet is created to track the Collection Components, and when elements of the Collections are changed or updated, the corresponding spreadsheets also need to be updated. InteliNotion makes all this redundant, delivering Variant Management as part of the platform. By tagging of individual Content Components, Variants of Documents can be published according to pre-set Rules and Conditions. The system also supports Content Branching, which is one of the most complex set of requirements that no other solution can meet.

Patient Narratives: Patient Safety Narratives is a key area in Clinical Research where currently there is a lack of standardization and automation. The InteliNotion solution allows Medical Writers to work with back-end data management systems to bring in and repurpose data as needed, and to create consistent and scientifically accurate Patient Safety Narratives. We are currently working on being able to automate the import of data from datasets and to publish them into tables, and to also use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) to automate parts of the Narrative, and to use Natural Language Processing (NLP) for ‘tense management’, as some of the same content has to be re-used in other documents, with only the tense (e.g. present tense to past tense) being changed.

Study Builder: InteliNotion has been working with TransCelerate Biopharma on the Digital Data Flow (DDF) Initiative. The DDF Initiative is an attempt to enable the flow of digital study protocol data in order to improve study design and accelerate start-up through automation of processes and setup of study execution systems. Among all the participants, the InteliNotion solution was selected as one of only three Distinguished Submissions. Building on this work, we are currently working with some of our customers to productize the Study Builder as part of their next-generation Digital Protocol initiative.

Technical Documentation, Contracts and Legal Documents: InteliNotion was designed to support the most complex content reuse and repurpose requirements for the Life Sciences industry. However, the same large global corporations have other business areas where there is a need for Structured Component Content Management. Our customers use the platform for numerous applications, including Technical and Manufacturing Information (Procedure Manuals and Handbooks), large and complex Contracts (such as Contracts with CRO’s and outsourced manufacturing operations), large and complex documentation related to Know-how and Technology Transfer and Licensing, and even for Clause Management for Legal Documents.