​​​​​​​​​​"InteliNotion is a long-term innovation partner, committed to delivering successful business outcomes collaboratively. We have been working together over several years, and their ability to innovate in an expedient, agile manner is impressive! InteliNotion delivers structured content authoring, component content management, trusted source integrations and governance capabilities that no other vendor has been able to create and actively seeks industry feedback. Their platform is the most modern SCM solution, built for scale, rapid innovation, and expansion." 

​​​​​​​​Content is an extremely valuable asset in highly regulated industries, and managing your content in a structured, intelligent manner allows you to extract its full value. InteliNotion’s Structured Content Authoring, Component Content Management, and Content Governance capabilities deliver a next-generation, Cloud-based platform that fundamentally reimagines modern Enterprise Content Management and Governance. Our patented platform was architected by a team of experts in the fields of Medical Writing, Pharma/Biotech Information Management, Regulatory Compliance, and Cloud Computing, and inspired by our unique vision for Intelligent Content Networks. The platform enables managing content, not just documents. Imagine your content as digital building blocks that can be assembled into documents and dossiers, reused across documents and dossier components, and tracked & traced throughout their entire life cycle. This revolutionary platform can accelerate study start-up, improve data and content quality, and help get treatments to patients faster.  ​​

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Regulated industries, and in particular the Biopharma industry, have struggled for decades to find better approaches to content management. Several attempts to introduce XML-based Structured Content Authoring and Component Content Management systems have failed, mostly due to the change management aspects required to introduce a completely new authoring and publishing paradigm (i.e., something other than Microsoft Word). As a result, the industry continues to manage content at the document level, which leads to huge inefficiencies:

  • Automated content re-use is not possible because content is maintained at the document level in legacy Electronic Document Management (EDMS) Systems.
  • Robust Digital Data Flow processes to allow data to be dynamically connected to Enterprise Content have not been possible to implement.
  • Track-and-trace processes and methods to govern content re-use have not been possible to implement.


The InteliNotion platform was designed to address these problems. We have created a revolutionary, patented approach for Content Authoring, Management (e.g., seamlessly update re-used content), and Governance (e.g., track-and-trace) that seamlessly aligns with the daily authoring environment that Content Creators are already used to (Microsoft Word).

​​​​​​​​​​"It wasn’t until I started working in InteliNotion that I began to truly understand why we can no longer view documents as a solitary entity. Rather, documents in InteliNotion should be viewed as an entity made up of a collection of components that can be reused. Authoring in InteliNotion will require us to collectively shift our mindset and adopt a new way of writing—one that will require us to think about how content will be re-used downstream. When used as intended, InteliNotion will improve consistency and accuracy of our documents while reducing time spent on tasks such as copying and pasting. Ultimately, InteliNotion helps us by allowing us to focus on what matters." 


​​​​​​​​​​"Digitizing, transforming, and streamlining: InteliNotion enables the visualization of content flow for authors, facilitates dynamically connected documents through content reuse, and jump starts downstream processes by making content in documents available for integration. All made simple and straightforward via a Word add-in and business configuration tool."