The platform tracks and manages the relationship of the reused components across the entire document lifecycle and the variations or branches of the components. The tracked information is used to provide reuse reporting for parent-child and sibling relationships. Users can view every document where a component is used, the type of reuse, and the metadata related to the component (e.g., version, dates).

Viewing the reuse report is highly useful for users to determine where content is used/reused and to assess impacts of change quickly.

Users can quickly select a component from a document and view “where used” to determine change impact to the component content. Also, user can quickly select component versions and view differences for change assessment. Additionally, during the authoring process, changes to a component that is reused will auto-generate notifications to lead authors to potentially impacted documents for appropriate action to accept or reject the changes. The notifications are configurable and can also be initiated on ad hoc basis.