Platform Capabilities

Never leave the Office – authors, reviewers, and approvers work in their native Word environment to author or review content. Authors can easily:

  • Author the entire document rather than components individually
  • Easily navigate through the entire document without need to understand the component structure of the document
  • Select and insert controlled terms and metadata into the content which is auto-populated everywhere within the document
  • Select standard text from controlled libraries for inclusion to ensure quality and consistency
  • View context-sensitive Instructional and Guidance Text while authoring
  • Be alerted when modifying previously approved content; if author chooses to do so, version the changes so that the parent content is not impacted and complete traceability and audit trail is maintained
  • Link to and use industry standard taxonomies and dictionaries
  • View the status of pre-approved content and all documents where the content is used to assess impacts of change quickly and easily
  • Link to external sources of information that is populated automatically when source content is changed

Reviewers and approvers can:

  • Use native Word features to review and comment on content
  • Have visibility into content that has been previously approved so that duplicate or unnecessary reviews can be avoided, and reviewers only need focus on content that requires review
  • Modify content while reviewing (access is controlled by configurable role based security policies), with full audit trail

Platform Capabilities – Authoring & Publishing